As President of the TMA I had the honour of presenting the TMA Lifetime Achievement Award to Oscar Peterson in 2001 

with Howard Alden, Jim Galloway at Harbourfront during the TDJF in 1989

December 2008 Jim Galloway's Wee Big Band at The Old Mill

The WBB at the Toronto Jazz Festival featuring Tommy Ambrose

Tommy Ambrose with the WBB at The Toronto Jazz Festival

The Swing Sisters and spouses, Christmas at Jo and Barry Sarjeant's house with Jane Fair and Frank Falco, Kim Garland and Pat Coleman, Don and Norma Thompson, Jim and Rosemary Galloway

with Clark Terry at the Wichita Jazz Festival 1973!  photo Norma Thompson

with Don Vickery at the bar at The Montreal Bistro  March 2004

with George Duvivier at the Wichita Jazz festival 1973, photo Norma Thompson

Lina Allemano, RG, Jane Fair

Lina Allemano, RG


16/11/2007 with the Jane Fair/ Rosemary Galloway Quintet

poster for the CD release in 2010

promo photo at the Rex Jazz Club in Toronto 2004 with Terry Clark on drums

April 22, 2012 with Reg Schwager and John Macleod

Jim Galloway, RG

July 03, 2011 with Jim Galloway at the Distillery Jazz Festival

Above, with Norman Amadio and Pat LaBarbera in London Ontario, promotional gig for the London Jazz Festival, May 1990. Marg Stowe, Toronto based guitarist, then living in London, commented 'that was the first time I ever met you, I was at the show, and it was either the day of or around the day that Emily Remler died. We talked about it. '

31/03/2006 Calgary Beatniq Club Jane Fair/ Rosemary Galloway Quintet
photo collage by Tracy Kolenchuk

At Mulligan's in Mississauga September 29/19 sitting in with The Kevin Phillips Band. 
Thanks to Arlene and Rodney St Germain for the photo.

The Rosemary Galloway Quartet at The Montreal Bistro January 2006
with Pat LaBarbera, Terry Clark, Gary Williamson, RG

with Tommy Ambrose, Norman Amadio, Don Vickery at The Old Mill January 29. 2010

Lorraine and Norman Amadio, RG and JG, Jerry Fuller. This looks like Castle George.

Frank Wright, Jackie Richardson, Jim Galloway and Bruce Phelp, on tour

in Ian Bargh's basement with Doug MacLeod and Jim Galloway. A typical Scots evening at home.

Nancy Walker, Jane Fair, not sure where or when

Stacey Rowles, Jane Fair Montreal Bistro, 1980s?