Symphonic Collaborations - Writing, Arranging

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Composing highlights include:
  • a 1985 joint commission with internationally acclaimed jazz musician/ recording artist Jim Galloway for a one hour piece entitled Hot and Suite” featuring internationally known jazz artists and the Scottish National Orchestra. Also presented  in 2011 by the Cathedral Bluffs Symphony Orchestra, Toronto, with Jim Galloway, and other Canadian jazz musicians. A video presentation of this performance and a detailed description of the work is available .
  • Ellingtones (1990) based on themes by Duke Ellington for jazz quartet and orchestra performed by the Kitchener Waterloo Orchestra and the Jim Galloway Quartet;
  • a joint commissionA Dance to the Music of Time with Jim Galloway for the Canadian Year 2000 festival for original works for a big band as part of a tribute to Duke Ellington. This concert was performed and recorded in June 2000 along with Duke Ellington’s Sacred Music;
  • a suite of pieces for jazz saxophone and piano, with orchestra, featuring the music of favourite movie musicals (2005) entitled “Tribute To Hollywood”. This suite was presented with The Cathedral Bluffs Symphony Orchestra in 2010.
  • commissions for small groups.

Hot and Suite                                                
 Hot and Suite is a group of original themes written for 8 piece jazz group and orchestra. The concept was initially developed for a performance in 1985 with the Scottish National Symphony Orchestra and 8 internationally recognized jazz musicians, including Jim Galloway. The music comprises 5 movements, four of which have original themes, for a total of over an hour of music. The ballad section uses standard themes arranged for the orchestra and soloists.  The music has recently been  rewritten and reshaped creating a work again ready to be performed in 2010 by The Cathedral Bluffs Orchestra with Jim Galloway and a group of well known Canadian jazz musicians.

The music focuses stylistically on the jazz idiom providing opportunities for the jazz group to play as a jazz ensemble, with the orchestra individually, in smaller groupings and as an 8 piece ensemble. The orchestra performs in an orchestral style bridging several sections within the concept of the piece. The work is intended to incorporate jazz influences into the orchestral idiom inspired by the Gershwin or Bernstein orchestral works, featuring a group of jazz musicians as soloists, and creating opportunities for each ensemble to work independently as well as using the instrumental and stylistic possibilities of the combined ensemble.

Hot and Suite has been conceived to showcase the individual  talents of the jazz musicians – trumpets in the New Orleans  street band/ traditional jazz movement (1), saxophones and piano in the Kansas City style blues movement (2), a selection of players in the ballad movement (3) and individually (particularly the jazz trombone) and as a group in the final movement (4). The orchestra will accompany in various ways using the great variety of textures available, and is featured as an entity of its own.

Tribute To Hollywood

Tribute To Hollywood comprises a group of arrangements of songs from the movies for jazz saxophone, jazz piano and orchestra. The titles available include Cheek To Cheek (Irving Berlin for the movie Top Hat), Over The Rainbow (Harold Arlen and EY Harburg for The Wizard of Oz) and They Can't Take That Away from Me (George and Ira Gershwin for Shall We Dance). First performed in February 2009 with The Cathedral Bluffs Orchestra, and featuring Jim Galloway (saxophones) and John Sherwood (jazz piano), the arrangements were developed by Jim and Rosemary Galloway to stand alone or be used as a suite. The music has been well received by audiences and is compatible with a program of jazz inspired music or popular music from the movies of 1930 to 1950.