Musical Groups for Events

Musical Groups for Events

 Musical groups for your upcoming event. We can help with all of your entertainment needs.
Background - Listening - Dancing

Rosemary Galloway, bassist/bandleader
Contact/Quotes: 416-266-8352;
OR email: rosemary.galloway(at)


Solo musicians (all instruments)

Duo (piano/bass, guitar/bass, or your request)  

Duo Samples:
1. Night and Day.mp3  (piano / bass)
2. Sentimental Mood.mp3  (piano / bass)
3. In a Mellow Tone (piano / bass)

Trio (piano or guitar, bass, saxophone or vocals, or your request)
Trio Samples:1. ChangeTheWorld.mp3   (Trio with vocal)
2. WhenLightsAreLow.mp3    (piano / bass / sax)
3. SpeakLow.mp3    (piano / bass / sax)
4. SomewhereOverTheRainbow.mp3   (piano / bass / sax)